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Don't Hate Luigi ...

cuz if you do ..  .I'LL BURNINATE YOU!!!
  • Listening to: AWESOME MUSIC
  • Reading: . . .whats reading???
  • Watching: your face
  • Playing: any game with Luigi In it most likely
  • Eating: LOTSA SPAGETTI!!!
  • Drinking: milk


United States
1st of all . .i don't know if its a good idea to talk about myself to random people i don't know, .but then again . you're random .so . .i guess its okay . you ARE random . .right? Cuz I sure am, well. i try to be. .. when i'm not lazy . . .i have a big imagination for my age .. . and trust me .you do NOT wanna be in it .. unless you want your brain to be turned into mush .. then again . .i like mush . .mushy mushy mushy mush. . .yeah . .i rant a lot ..thats why i'm called RANTOR .. duh . .anyways . .. uhh .. i guess i could say.. . i like luigi . .he's my favorite video game character .. .i like sonic too . ..and .. uhh . well .any REALLY good game. .like uhh . .the Legend of Zelda series. . Final Fantasy 7 (and ONLY 7) . .any game with Luigi in it thats NOT Mario is Missing . .or an . *shudders* EDUCATIONAL GAME *jeeble* *shakes head alot* . anyways . .that aside .. . .wait. you're still reading this .. .man .you must be like .. obsessed or something. .i'm scared. . anyways .. i like video games. . swords. . boobs (i'm a guy if you can't tell by now .which .in hindsight .you probably didn't ) anyways . .all i can says is. . . . well .. don't call me a furry .cuz .well. just cuz i like the imaginative fact that people can pretend to be animals doesn't mean i am one. . i just like animals .. and it would be cool if they could do that stuff. . i wouldn't mind . .so .yeah . .i guess you can say i'm pretty much open to everyone .. except clowns. .*shudders* . i hate clowns . .they scare me. . DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! . .i just don't trust the fact that ALL of those clowns can fit in ONE tiny car!

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